Amazing Mehndi Designs for Special Occasions

Published: 19th August 2011
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Bridal mehndi ceremony is a common phenomenon in India and neighboring countries. Brides wait for this moment when their hands and feet are adorned by the smooth, elegant mehndi designs. The ceremony involves the making of creative designs in the hands and feet of other young girls and women also who take part in the ceremony. Mehndi in fact is not restrained to marriages and plays a vital role in most of the grand festivals of India. However bridal mehndi is considered to be a very special one.
The custom of being laced with the bridal henna designs on foot, elbows, calf muscles, etc. for complete embellishment of the ladies has been there for centuries and is here to stay. In fact since mehndi designs are so closely linked with the traditions and some special events that such occasions seem to be incomplete without them.
Designers create a wide range of patterns on the hands of the ladies. Most of them are common, others are randomly designed. Some frequently used designs in various are:
Peacock or paisley symbols which talks about love and fertility.
The camel lips, leafs, or floral patterns which could demonstrate fertility.
The placing of mandalas which often means wisdom as well as spiritual enlightenment.
Scorpion or growing vines which generally represent love as well as protection.
When you are looking for a good bridal mehndi design, Arabic mehndi design can be a good option. These mehndi patterns are distinguished because of their intricate style. Arabic patterns generally end in a narrowing pattern. The best part about these designs is that you can make it look good using various approaches; you can use loops, flowers patterns or single line designing. Arabic patterns generally end in a narrowing pattern. If you manage to make it appear smooth and elegant you have done your job.
Generally there are professionals who undergo training for creating mehndi designs; people generally call them home and pay them hourly as they make beautiful designs on the hands, arms and feet of married and unmarried women.
Mehndi patterns are getting more and more famous round the world as Henna is a natural herb and come with no side effects. In fact they come along with many medicinal properties. Besides being used for mehndi design henna is also used as a hair conditioner. These are increasingly utilized for curing headaches and treating irritated skin balm.
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